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    llama 38 super 9mm 97 QuickView LLAMA MAX-1 . 38 Super fires the . 38 Special! It is series 70 configured. Chances are your LLama is chambered for 9mm Largo. 38 Super 5 Inch Barrel Matte Blue Finish 9 Round 1911 single action with 4140 steel frame and throated forged steel barrel. 38 ACP that came with it when I bought it from my Cousins widow in 1968. Later post war modifications include a ventilated rib on the slide. 99 CMC Products Match Grade 1911 Compact 9mm 8-Round Stainless Steel Magazine With Pad LLama Minimax 38 super The 38 super was such a super low production run that its not listed in the bluebook and the Walmart picture book mentions it as a also made in calibers. Llama Max-I Magazine . 380 ACP (Llama, Star, Browning, etc) Llama Max-1 . My Model VIII Military and Police is marked 9mm Bergman 38 Super on the slide and is . Special Price $183. 38 ACP. Llama Especial 9mm Gun Magazine. Iver Johnson Arms 1911 is a Series 70 pistol which means there is no firing pin block and comes with a flat, serrated, steel mainspring housing to hold up to the rigors of an everyday. 5 OZ. 38 Super Haft Checkered & Groove Hard Wood, Ship from Thailand Brand: Feelsogood 4. 38 Super ammunition be fired in firearms chambered for . 9mm, . Thread: found a Gabilondo Y CIA llama elite in 9mm/38spl. ) Llama . were chambered for the. Llama-Gabilondo Y Cia. This particular model has the two vent rib with loaded chamber indicator and was probably made in the mid 1970s. A Spanish pistol produced in the 1960s or later and marked . 38 ACP cartridge to fully chamber and the Super A weighing 2ozs. 747. Llama LM138SC 1911 Max-1 Single 38 Super 5 9+1 Hardwood MAC Log. GunAuction. Due to issues related to COVID-19 shipping may be delayed by up to 14 days. Llama Grip Screws For Large Frame Automatics- 38 Super 45acp 9mm. 1st April 2014, 21:32 #4. 55″ Modification of the Model 7. Jul 02, 2009 · Know what your Llama firearms are worth with this up-to-date 7-page . The Llama V was chambered for 9mm Largo 38 acp, 38 super, and 9mm P for sale in the US. The Llama VII was chambered for 9mm Largo, 38 acp, 38 super, 9mm P and came it two different versions, a regular 5" length barrel and the Extra with a 5 1/2 " . 96 oz. works perfect no major problems other than being a almost 80 year old gun. With the right load it has all the potency most people will ever need. 38 Special cylinder so will a 9mm. This is the first model to have a grip safety which was added prior to WW II. (21) Llama Super Comanche (17) Llama Mod. 4" Barrel Blued COLT O1070CCS 1911 COMPETITION 70 SERIES SINGLE 45 AUTOMATIC COLT PISTOL (ACP) 5" 8+1 BLUE G10 W/LOGO GRIP STAINLESS STEEL Apparently 9mm mag will feed and the extractor is the same for 9mm/38 super. WTS: Llama Model V, 9mm Largo/. Sig Sauer 210A-9-TGT P210 Target 5" 9mm Pistol EAA Girsan MC1911SC Ultimate Officer . Original Star Model B Magazine. 686. The Supers are more likely to be used in competition shooting applications since they provide a flatter trajectory. 75%-85% mottled blue with replaced wood grips and nickeled small parts. SIG SAUER 250 9MM. 38 Super would work as well as it ever did with ammunition made then or now. I own several Spanish pistols in 9mm Largo but cannot shoot 38 Super in them because they are too powerful for the chambers. 355 inches in diameter, while the . CALIBER – . Despite the new address, all the Spanish traditions and . It was a great, heavy, accurate, and reliable gun. and . I own . Be bold. Equipped with grip safety and thumb safety. Target sights were added for Model Super 38 match. 38 Super, as do many custom 1911 builders (such as Les Baer). 23 Dec 2008. PDF download from the Standard Catalog of Firearms. 38 Super. 38 Super or 9mm 38. Only Factory or high quality aftermarket, no junk magazines here. 38 Super or the 9x23mm Winchester. 38 ACP). 38 caliber Magazine. 38 Super work in your Astra/Llama/Star 9mm Largo? If you have a gunsmith with a . 38 Auto as made 1900-1929, not the same thing. Gun is in very good condtion. 45 ACP, Bullet Proof, Stainless 613S $ 63. Engineered for target shooting and competitions. 380 pistol Llama . 38 Super was a sensation, noted for its high velocity of 1300 fps and 9 fast shots. 22, . 38 ACP pistols. 40 S&W. 38 Super or . 45 ACP is available in blued and stainless steel, while the. Stronger Guns. Mar 22, 2020 - Explore Robert Miner's board "Llama Pistols" on Pinterest. $39. 38 Super, 9mm Luger and 9mm Steyr . Available in. 38 Superauto,. 380 . This is a rare 9mm Largo/ 38 acp. ~ 1911 ~ . Dec 21, 2019 · The 9×19 Parabellum, a. Lowered ejection port. 747] - Armscor Rock Island Armory 1911 A-1 10 round full sized single stack stainless steel magazine chamber for . 66 Jay Scott Ivory Grips For Llama Large Frame Semiauto Super 38 45 Acp - Nos. Also, . The first video says it is a model VIII-C, and the second one is a model VII in 9mm largo. 38 Super could be used but the higher pressure round could accelerate wear and tear on the gun. 38 Super in the older Colt’s 1903 pistols. The pistol's serial number is 108259. DURAGRIPS - Grips for Llama Large Frame IX-A IX-B 9mm . $300. Each with their own story to tell. TAURUS PT111 9MM PARA. Jan 18, 2008 · Most of the LLamas made that long ago are chambered for 9mm Largo NOT 38 Super. The Llama V was chambered for 9mm Largo 38 acp, and 38 super, for sale in the US. Factory 9 round blued 38 super magazine for the Llama pistols on the 1911 pattern. Model Llama MAX-I Scale To: None Average Male Hand Average Female Hand 1911 Government . With a real . These grips will fit the LLAMA large frame single stack in 9mm, 38 super or . 38 Super-9mm. So be adventurous. 38SUPER 9-SHOT HARD CHROME – Llama LM138SC. LLAMA ESPECIAL 38 SUPER CAL OR 9MM PISTOL WITH HAMMER, ADJUSTABLE SIGHTS, VENTED RIB, ONE MAG, 5 BARREL, SN 459589. 7-inch barrel. 19 Oct 2010. S# 90156. Sort By:. 00 Nov 23, 2020 · The . Jul 27, 2017 · Various global financial problems brought an end to Llama in 2005. NOTE: Add $125 for satin chrome. 22TCM, . Under 500 bucks in blue and a bit over 500 in Hard Chrome. . k. Left side of slide . 38 SUPER WIDE BASE BULL NOSE BLUE MAGAZINE MODEL 9 VIII 9 ROUND SPAIN . Item. Pearl Premium Grips Are Made of. 14 Mar 2010. The case is fractionally differnt than the 38 ACP but I've seen chambers accept the 38 ACP easily. They've interchangable breech faces held in with an allen screw. Largo (Bergmann) and. General shipping and insurance for CONUS on items less then $500 is $25, items over $500 is $30. The Largo is on the very low end of of the 38 Super range. 38 Super, S/N 36676. 45 ACP 3. more. (read more) They were of high quality and have been sold around the world. Add to cart; Wilson Combat 1911 Semi-Extended Slide Release, . Si existen pistolas Llama marcadas como "9 M/M . Llama Minimax 38 super in stainless. Think of it as a 9mm on steroids or something just shy of the . 5″ LENGTH OF MAGAZINE – 4. When I got it (used), one of the hammer hooks was chipped and my gunsmith tried replacing the hammer, and found that it was not standard 1911 spec. 356-inch-diameter (9. 45 ACP with less felt recoil than the . 38 Super Ammo. The overall length was 7. 38 Super Ammunition. 08", 01/01/2019. 2 . 9mm Largo is available, we have several threads on this if you do a search. Place your order today and get fast free shipping to your door! Find 9mm Luger Ammo for sale, in-stock and ready to ship at Ammo Freedom. 0 mm) Neck diameter . The single port compensators are cut from its two port counter part in-house and usually ship within two weeks. Most were chambered for the 9mm Luger or 9mm Largo cartridge, but those intended for sale in the U. 38 super ammo at Ammunition Depot. This cartridge is comparable in performance to standard pressure 9mm Parabellum ammo; it is not as powerful as (and most definitely not interchangeable with) the . not alot of wear on the slide or the clip for how old it is, it is unaltered all original. 357, Mag . 357 Mag 1-inch Grid Sep 18, 2008 · No, the Llama . One can shoot 9x23 in a 38 super gun but I don't think it would be a good idea to do it a lot. The Llama VII was chambered for 9mm Largo, 38 acp, 38 super, 9mm P and came it two different versions, a regular 5' length barrel and the Extra with a 5 1/2'  . The grips are made out of a very solid and durable polymer material. 38 Super, 5" Barrel, 9rd, Diamondwood Grip, Stainless. Our Low Price $39. Reach for a MAX - I. 38 Super is a semi-rimmed cartridge that operates in the same pressure range and has a non-tapered case. It was introduced in the late 1920s as a higher pressure loading of the. Llama Model V - 9mm Largo/38 Super, 9mm Parabellum 5 1/8 inch barrel, has no grip safety. com Master List. 38 Super Shoot 9mm? Surprisingly, yes. 00 $ 30. 63", 08/14/20. For Llama pistols built prior to 1936 slide marking reads: "GABILONDO Y CIA ELOEIBAR (ESPANA) CAL 9MM/. Llama Model 82 9mm 10 Rd Factory Magazine Double Stack Stainless Finish RARE. Look no further for your . 747 Armscor Rock Island Armory 1911 A-1 10 round full sized single stack stainless steel magazine chamber for . Not to be confused with the NATO 9mm or. It is in decent shape with some pitting in the finish. We have not been able to determine which one. Take the gun to a gunsmith and have a chamber cast made to find out what caliber the gun is. I have a pistol marked 9mm/38 super "llama" on the left side and on the right side it says "llama" extra. velocity/ power is better than the 9mm by a measurable margin (when I . The Llama VII was chambered for 9mm Largo, 38 acp, 38 super, 9mm P and came it two different versions, a regular 5" length barrel and the Extra with a 5 1/2" barrel. [Archive] Llama . 38 Super ammo! We have all the best brands for your firearm at the best prices, ready to ship right to your door nationwide! Due to inclement weather our Fort Worth office is short staffed so we are unable to respond to calls and emails immediately. Springfield. This firearm is a Gabilondo Cia Llama especial chambered in . Po Box 200 Royal AR 71968 MILLIONS OF GUN PARTS !! FAX 24 hours a Day (501)-767-2750 (Leave Your FAX # when you FAX. Since the Llama design is smaller, you have a good head start as metal relief is required versus buildup of metal. Anybody have some factory at a reasonable price? Thanks, Robert Magazine, Kimber 1911 . 22 & . As a matter of fact STI actually recommends this for tight new 38 super race guns until they loosen up. 4 . Reach for an icon. 38 Super . One (1) pair of Llama large frame / full-size black gritty texture grips. The Llama IV was the first model to appear, but was not numbered until a later date. 95 $35. Llama Model 6 . 38 ACP is a litttle less powerful than the spanish Largo. Any questions feel free to ask. Dec 27, 2002 · the "9mm/38" designates 9mm Largo, and the bolt face is also fitted to accept 38ACP cartridges. 38 Super-Barrel: 5″ Steel-Mil-Spec sights-Steel frame & slide, Matte Black-Custom Hardwood grip w/ Mac Logo-Two 8 round magazines-Overall length: 8. 45 Auto. 38 ACP/Super is a 23 mm straight semirimmed case. 40 S&W (7-round capacity) and. Click for more info Description: very rare "llama"extra cal. 45 Mini Max, Firestorm pistol LLama Martial . 97. This Colt was produced in 1953. For some reason this first model produced later was designated Model IV. 38 Super) was described as a Model XI. A favoritesouth of the border due to multiple caliber digestion (9mm para, 9mm Largo, . May 13, 2008 · The caliber is stamped just below the maker's name, "CAL 9M/M 38 "LLAMA"". Browse all new and used Llama Pistols for sale and buy with confidence from Guns International. In addition, this cartridge was used in the Thompson submachine gun. 38 Super, primarily those that use a polymer spacer at the rear. 38 Grips - Smooth. same size, feel, and weight as a Colt 1911. I have seen many of these on the auctions mis-labeled as almost ever model they made and for a time I had it labeled as a model IV but found out I was incorrect. Cal. Both the frame and. 38 super finish reamer and go-no/go gages the answer is possibly yes, you will have to tinker with spring weights,and may have to open the slide face a bit, but the possibility is there. 30 Jan 2014. The llama is built like a fire plug and there are no known failures even though many thousands of 38 super rounds have successfully shot through llama extras. If it is chambered for 9mm Largo, you can shoot . Order Toll Free: 800-545-0077 Precision springs for firearms make sure your gun is. 04 mm) bullet. 45 ACP caliber semi-automatic pistol, with 5. Since I'm low on the . the LLamas made that long ago are chambered for 9mm Largo NOT 38 . it is a nice . 96 Regular Price $229. 38 Super, 9mm 38. Springfield Armory, PB9113L . 38 ACP is NOT . Firing the wrong cartridge in the gun can be extremely dangerous. 1 inches. $69. 38 Super Handguns (31 Products) Filter By . 38 Spl S&W Bodyguard . the slide spring and the clip spring are in good condition, fits 9 shells in the clip The 38 Super is a flat shooting and accurate round. 38 Super, 9 Round, Blued, New (Factory) with Numrich Gun Parts - the world's largest supplier of gun parts. 380 will fire (with interesting results - don't ask . 45ACP Glock Model 17 9mm Glock Model 19 9mm Beretta M9/92 9mm Colt 4-in Python . Over the years, the Llama was produced in some variations that appeared to be nearly identical to the 1911 Government Model, but differed maddeningly and significantly. Please make sure these are correct for your pistol as there is a variation that takes mags with a narrow base plate at least in the 9mm versions. Vintage Jay Scott #66 Zebra Wood Grips for Llama Large Frame Semiauto Super 38 & 45 ACP. 45 autos; it uses many parts in common with them, and in fact stands in exactly the same relationship to them that the Colt Commander does to the Government Model. Mil-spec front and rear sights. 38 Super, I can kick up the loads to full . Nighthawk 1911 Slide Stop, 9mm/. Recoil is light, although muzzle report can be quite loud. 38 Super y 9mm . 38 Super specs. For me, after trying both calibers, the . Llama . Llama was born in Spain over 100 years ago but now resides in the Philippines. FREE Shipping. Among the best features of the . IIIA Ser. Any white glares seen in photo are just reflections from the lighting. 45 auto, . This is a Rock Island Armory factory replacement magazine made by Metalform. 32, . I've had a heck of a time finding 38 super brass and was thinking about putting a 9mm barrel in. Pero es un error muy comun creer que la pistola dispara los calibres . Bullet diameter . 7424 The Llama IV was the first numbered model to appear, and unusually, it was advertised as having a "tolerant chamber" capable of firing . DURAGRIPS - Llama Max 1 Grips - D. 38 Super still lives in the competition arena because you can load it to make major without much worry about trying to overrev a 9mm case and blowing up your gun, it's a high pressure round and powers compensators well, you can still stuff more 38 Super rounds in a 140mm magazine than the larger diameter . Most Astra's and LLama's mark 9MM/38 are 9mm Largo. 38 Super: $500: 11/09 11:28: Midwest Gun Trader: Llama XV . 38 Super, . Is this going to work and what if any other parts . Standard slide stop for added safety. 45 IXA, IXB, 1911-type pistol safety & slide stop plunger and spring assembly #50164. Llama 9mm Pistol Kit. I would trust the locked breech Star and Llama guns over the. It has a Mil-Spec front and rear sights, grip and thumb safety, and custom hardwood with MAC logo grips. 45 ACP. Do a quick search on 9mm Largo and compare bullet weight and velocity. 38 Super and. 357. 38 Super or. Kingston, NY 12401 Phone: 866. Gun functions flawlessly with 9mm ball though and seems as accurate as my Sig Sauer P225. Although a . 40 . Add to Cart. 9mm, was originally designed by Georg Luger in 1901, two years after the . 38 Super and the other a . 1911A1, but without the grip safety, and in 9 mm. FEATURES:-Caliber: . $30. 9mm Largo Ammo 9x23mm Largo ammo was introduced in 1901 for the Bergmann pistol, which was adopted by the Spanish military. The 9mm Largo is the same as the 9mm Bergmann Bayard, and was accepted as the standard Spanish military cartridge somewhere around 1910, and was in widespread service through the Spanish military, civil guard, and police up to the 1970s. Grips Compatible with Llama 1911 Full Size IXA. 38 Super, also known as. This was manufactured for export to the USA market only. The Llama Max-1 is a semi-automatic 1911-style pistol chambered in 45 ACP or 38 Super. I also carry 1911’s in 45 ACP, 40 S&W and 10 MM. 38 Super Cartridge and the Llama 9mm fires the 9x19mm Cartridge, aka 9mm Luger, aka 9mm Parabellum . About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features Press Copyright Contact us Creators. Llama closed its doors in 2005 . 38 ACPcalibers. The Max-1 has a 5 barrel and features Mil-Spec front sight and dovetailed rear sights. Model IV was introduced in 1931, and it was actually the first of Llama series. 38 ACP You love to shoot. Magazines in 9mm are a bit more troublesome than those in . After Spanish civil war, company moved its facilities to Vitoria, Spain, where it continued to build handguns under Llama trade name. OVERALL LENGTH – 8. Llama, Llama MiniMax Subcompact . 4. Click for more info Feb 20, 2021 · The first pistol produced was an exact copy of the Colt Mod. $10. Rock Island Armory - 9mm 1911 Magazine 9 Round Blue Metalform. Contact Us. Bulk Ammunition on sale, including 9mm Luger Handgun Rounds. 384. 356 inches. And 9mmLargo is getting harder to find. 38SUPER 9-SHOT MATTE - Llama LM138SB Firearms ship within 5-7 business days after order is placed. 7424 For 9mm/38 super interchangabilty you might be better served with an SVI gun. 9mm/38super semi-auto. Aug 30, 2014 · Llama Especial . The MAX - I is a 1911 that speaks for itself with excellent fit and finish. Just use this handy translation code list. The Llama IV was the first model to appear, but was not numbered until a later date; the Llama V was chambered for 9mm Largo 38 acp, 38 super, and 9mm P for sale in the US. Wilson Combat 1911 Elite Tactical Compact 9mm 8-Round Blued Steel Magazine with Flush Fit Steel Base Pad $44. The Model XI is thought to have a 9mm Parabellum barrel, and is fitted with what looks like an older set of . In fact, the 38 Super has slightly more power compared to the 38 Special rounds. 357 Magnum for your autoloader. 3 inches and the height 5. MANUFACTURER Llama Clear The Llama pistols based on the Colt 1911-A1 design were chambered in . It power falls neatly between 9MM and. 38 Super & 9mm C103GR Llama Max II, Large Frame Grips With Grim Reaper Price: $75. Base plate is of the wide type. 38 Super is more reliable and just more fun to shoot. 38 Super is loaded to higher pressures. Llama Old Model 380 Gun Magazine. 38 Super is the fact that it is easy to shoot well. They more closely resemble major manufacture’s best efforts than the old Llama/ Stoeger pistols which they resemble Not At All. To this weapon was given the trade name „Llama" which is the name for currently made Gabilondo pistols. I have a 9mm para version of the gun you are mentioning circa 1984 mfg. 32: 11/08 21:01: The Outdoors Trader: FS/FT Two Llama 1911s 45 & 9mm: $3: 11/07 18:08: The Outdoors Trader: FS/FT Llama 45 ACP: $3: 11/06 12:01: The Outdoors Trader: FS/FT Two Llama 1911s 45 & 9mm: $3: 11/04. There is some on GB but I would prefer not to get poked in the eye. Shop online For 38 Super pistols and revolvers from top brands. Llama Max-1, Semi-automatic, 38 Super, 5" Barrel, Steel Frame, Black Finish, G10 Grips, Fixed Sights, 9Rd, 1 Magazine LM138SB Out of stock Llama Llama Micro-Max 380Acp Chrome Llama Grip Screws for Large Frame Automatics- 38 Super, 45acp, 9mm. GI#: 101603747 This firearm is a Gabilondo Cia Llama especial chambered in. The only Llama I've owned was a Stoeger-imported (from the late 80s?) 1911 in 9mm. Originally, in the late 20-early 30’s the chambers were not, head spaced correctly and there were accuracy problems. 45ACP . 1911 9mm 10 Round Magazine. I was shooting some . 38 Super is available in blued steel only. The Llama VII was chambered for 9mm Largo, 38 acp, 38 super, 9mm P and came it two different versions, a regular 5' length barrel and the Extra with a 5 1/2' barrel. $29. As implied above, with proof date codes, you can get an accurate and reasonably precise date on your Star pistol. Firearms ship within 5-7 business days after order is placed. 32 Cal. We apologize for the inconvenience. Star Model A 9mm Largo Magazine Under 500 bucks in blue and a bit over 500 in Hard Chrome. LLAMA . I carry them for protection and practice. Had a 45acp Llama and admittidly it sucked. a. May 10, 2017 · Above: Atlanta Arms Elite . 38 Super, Pistol, 5", 01/01/2019. Save big on a new 1911 38 super. Apr 19, 2017 · The CZ 75 is probably the second-most copied and/or sourced handgun in history behind only the Colt 1911 pistol. 38 AUTO, NOT . 38 Super enroute. When production resumed in 1947 for the 38 Super, Colt used 45 A. Fast & Free shipping on many items! Llama . 8 out of 5 stars 3 ratings Now, will . So, I think I have made a good introduction and here are a few final facts. Today the name has been revived along with their Llama Max-1 1911 Handgun model available currently in . Thread: 1945 Llama 38 Super. Bbl 5". Get the best deal on Llama 1911 Max-1 . First what does it take 9mm or 38?. OUT OF STOCK (2) Llama LM138SB 1911 Max-I Single 38 Super 5 9+1 MAC Logo Blued. Llama Mini Max Sub-Compact 45 II, Mini-Max sub-compact]] In late 1995, the Llama Mini-Max was introduced. It’s tight, accurate and has a nice trigger pull. 356 in (9. 747 [Armscor 38. Mod xi-b llama 9mm parable. By our research the production run was for one firearm distributor who order 200 units in 1998. Order the Eagle Imports LLAMA 1911 Max-1 Chrome . Nov 23, 2020 · The . The perfect choice for top pistol match competitors. 38 Super-Barrel: 5″ Steel-Mil-Spec sights-Steel frame & slide, Hard Chrome-Custom Hardwood grip w/ Mac Logo-Two 8 round magazines-Overall length: 8. See more ideas about hand guns, pistol, guns. 40 rounds, overseas it's still illegal (in some places) to own "military" calibers for civilian shooting (no 9mm), and once you have a fired brass stash, it doesn't really cost any more to. 45 Auto, . OLD Spanish autos marked 9mm/. Jun 01, 1985 · Also chambered for the 9mm Parabellum, it is closer to the. 95. 9mm is a bit cheaper to shoot, but not by a great deal if you order ammo by the case. 14 May 2018. 380 (10) Llama IIIA, Series 3, . 45 ACP or. 45 ACP, Pistol, 3. Trick out or upgrade your firearm with the largest gun parts selection at eBay. 50. 38. 3 out of 5 stars 8. 38 are meant for 9mm Largo and . Numrich Gun Parts Corporation 226 Williams Ln. I've owned two llamas, one was a full size 1911 in . 12 Dec 2015. Out of stock. 380IN . 38 Super, blued steel. llama 9mm new type: fac: llama 9mm new type, max-1: fac: llama 38 super/largo: fac: llama m-82 9mm 15 shot image: fac: llama 22lr, new type round follower spring image: fac: llama 22lr, old type zig-zag follower spring image: fac: llama 32 acp: fac: llama 380 acp image: fac: llama 380 acp, iii-a and micro max nickle floorplate image: lorcin 9mm. Manufacturer: Llama. Chip McCormick 1911 XP Magazine . 38 SUPER WEIGHT – 38. We’re proud to bring these exciting brands to America – Bersa, American Classic, MAC, SPS, Llama, Grand Power, and Comanche. 357 Mag Colt 2-in Cobra . Great deals on Llama Pistol Parts. It was produced in 9mm Parabellum and 38 Super (8-round capacity),. Rear mil-spec slide serrations. Read more; Rock Island Armory OEM 1911 9mm / 38S / 10mm / 40 S&W Slide Stop High Polish Nickel $ 18. 38 Super is a more powerful round that wouldn't be good to use unless your gun is chambered for it. 00 $36. Compare prices from more than 30+ gun stores. The rim on 38acp/super can break the extractor on firearms chambered for 9mm largo 9mm . Iver Johnson 191138CHRW. Shop the best deals on . 38 Super 10 Round. Greg Cote, LLC Rock Island Armory 1911 A-1 10 RD . Well folks, I picked up my new Llama Max-1 1911 in 38 Super a few. 25″-Overall weight: 36. Llama 38 Super Magazines. In 1980s, firm introduced a new line of pistols that were more modern in design and function. At least 11 manufacturers have produced CZ 75-style pistols in the past five years or so, in roughly 60 different models ranging from CZ-produced originals to outright clones to compacts built on polymer frames. Powered by Wolff! The best price for 1911 38 super for sale online. 38 Super ( 9x21mm) round measures . $38. This magazine has a. more info Quick view. My 2003 made 380acp Llama is pretty much flawless and feeds hollowpoints too. Outwardly resembles full size 1911 A1 Colt pistol. 45 IXA, IXB, 1911-type pistol Llama Max 2 . 9mm Largo/38 Super. 38 Special came out, to be a rimless semi-auto handgun cartridge loaded with more powerful. 38 Super disassembly. 45 acp only. He was told it might be 3 or 4 months before some is available. 38 Super Description: The Llama pistols based on the Colt 1911-A1 design were chambered in . Llama Model 8 . View sold price and similar items: LLAMA ESPECIAL 38 SUPER CAL OR 9MM PISTOL WITH HAMMER from PA Auction Center on July 6, 0117 12:00 PM EDT. 38 Super SOLD The 9mm Luger (9x19m) round measures 0. Llama IXA 45 ACP. The 1911 in 45 and 38 super Are in dealer distribution right now and appear to be tight, very well fitted and smooth. Oct 20, 2013 · The . Llama Grip Screws for Large Frame Automatics- 38 Super, 45acp, 9mm. automatic centerfire pistol) slide assembly. It's kinda like the global warming crowd. Gun refuses to feed any type of hollowpoint, even Remington. I just picked up a LLama 9mm/38 pistol. 5 Jul 2010. We also carry 38 Super ammunition. 38 ACP, also known as. $12. I am now about to retire the Llama and have a RIA . 00 $39. This is def not a common build but I have a inundation of 380 and 9mm is pricey right now Looking for: CZ-75B High Polish Stainless, and 1911’s in . Llama Max II, Large Frame Grips, Mexican Eagle With Snake in Mouth, . As a result, I've had to keep the loads in the range of the 9mm Largo which is the low end of . Menu. Item Number: RPM082. I own 11 Colt 1911’s in 38 Super, a Llama in 38 Super and a EAA Witness full size in 38 Super. 38 SUPER, Cold Rolled Steel (Removable Base & Round Follower) 9-Round Magazine $22. The 4140 steel frame and hammer forged steel slide have an excellent fit and finish. 38 ACP stuff I had a competent gunsmith check it over and he told me that "In a pinch" . 1920 9mm Largo/. 380 ACP. Blued or satin chrome. Oct 26, 2007 · The . Over the years, the Llama was produced in some variations that appeared to be nearly identical to the 1911 Government . 38 Super with vented rib, locked breech and lanyard ring . 45 pistol Llama . 9 Aug 2012. 38 ACP and 9 mm largo rounds interchangeably. 38 Super 10 Rounds Stainless Steel M-PM-38FS10 Chip McCormick 1911 XP Magazine . A . Rock Island Armory 1911 A-1 10 RD . Colt Mfg O5073GCL Gold Cup Lite 38 Super Single 5 8+1 Blue G10. P. It's more powerful than the . 38 Super with vented rib, locked breech and lanyard ring from 1932 to 1985. Shop for your Magazine, . The Llama pistols based on the Colt 1911-A1 design were chambered in . Oct 18, 2010 · Llama chambered guns for 9mm long or 9 x 21 and also a 9 x 23 cartridge. Springfield Armory, XD9104, 9mm, Pistol, 4. . 25" barrel and 7- or 9-shot detachable magazine, depending on caliber. Llama Semi-Auto Pistol. $24. 32: 11/08 21:02: Midwest Gun Trader: Llama XV . 9mmLargo . At the time, you had to know not to fire a. 38 Spl S&W 2-in Mod 60 . * Completely updated pricing for Llama firearms with new entries and photos * Value Trackers: Real-life auction results Dec 27, 2018 · Colt’s upped the power of the cartridge but used the same length cartridge case and chambered the 1911 in. C. 99 Wilson Combat 1911 Elite Tactical Vickers Duty 9MM 10-Round Magazine With Aluminum Base Pad Jun 15, 2012 · This article was a 38 super…being it’s a bit harder to find ammo (only a bit) I would lean towards a 9mm for my first centerfire because ammo is plentiful and cheap. It was manufactured in Spain. less than the Super M. it is a nice shooting 1911! Metalform Standard 1911 Government, Commander . In Stock. 95 $37. 00. 14 Ene 2009. 38 Super or . The. 00 Aug 17, 2020 · Not quite. Iver Johnson 1911 A1 Government, . I understand. 14 Jan 2008. recoil) as its still a top competitor caliber that is slowing being replaced by 9mm super which will never be sold to average  . 38". S. 38 Super Auto, or 9x23mmSR, is a pistol cartridge that fires a 0. 38SUP . New and used original factory, hard to find and hi cap. 38 Super Narrow Floorplate . 45 . Can a . Bob's Gun Shop Inc. I have owned 38 Super pistol’s since 1980 and love to shoot them. LLAMA MAX-1 . 38 super & 9mm classic pearl premium reproduction grips white these grips have a very deep iridescent look. Custom hardwood grips with MAC logo. 21 Jan 2018. The 9mm is a rimless cartridge that operates in about the 33,500 to 34,000 PSI range in most loadings, while the . Also introducing our new one port compensator available for. 38 Super; Although it will fit, under no circumstances should . 5 Dec 2012. Both a 38 Super and 9mm round are identical to each other. The 38 super is the same size as the 9MM Largo round (not Luger) which is 9x23 mm but exerts much higher pressures than the 9x23. ☰ Llama Comanche III Series II (16) Llama Minimax 38 Super (24) Llama IIIA Ser 2 Var. 38 Auto. 380 (11) Llama Mod. Llama For Sale Llama. 45 acp. The MAX - I 1911 style pistol is tight, accurate, and has a nice trigger pull. 00. Very nice gun to shoot (although it shot 4" right of POA) but Damn. 38 Super round is identical to . 38 Super 1911 California handguns. $44. The two differences in these models is an enlarged breech face on the Super M that will allow the semi-rimmed . $35. The Super A and Super M were produced concurrently in 9mm Largo and . 38 Super round will drop into a . 00: In Stock 1. 45 ACP (6-round capacity) with a 3. com. 9mm (1792) 9x18 (11) Multi (20) Action. This Colt has the early post war 5 Inch 38 Super barrel. Clear (Llama Wikipedia Page) 5 Item(s) Found Page 1 1. the standard 9mm Largo cartridge, but also . Jan 15, 2016 · The Eagle/Metro-LLama 380 is not yet on the scene. Llama “Extra” Semi-Auto pistol in 9mm and . llama max ii large frame auto . Photo by Brad Miller. 38 ACP except that the . The right side of the slide displays model name, ""LLAMA" EXTRA" (this may indicate that the pistol was exported either to Mexico, or to some other Latin American country). The 1911 has never let me down over the years. 38 Super is definitely a formidable cartridge with many good features. 45 ACP, 9mm Largo and . 38 Super, 9m/m, . Average rating: Auction is for a very good condtion Llama Extra in either 38 super or 9mm LArgo. What we call 38 super may be the 9 mm largo. 38 Super, Stainless, Nighthawk, Fully Machined $ 58. Good mechanically with fair to good bore showing use and minor corrosion. 3 Nov 2005. Llama Model 10A,3A 380 Gun Magazine. 13 May 2008. 38 Super is a fantastic cartridge for the defensive handgun—especially if you’re looking for a handgun with more power than a 9mm and a higher capacity than a . Hoosier Gun Works, Dealing in magazine and clips. I was wondering the value and if will function with 9mm . 38 Super 5 1911 at GrabAGun. Manufacturer: Llama MODEL: MAX-1 Jan 19, 2021 · Replaced some parts in a friends LLama 38 Super and now he would like to shoot. 38 Super when it dropped production of the. 38 Super, 9rd, Full-Size Stainless 1000351 $47. Colt, Rock Island, EAA and Llama all offer pistols chambered in . Fits LLAMA 1911 single stack mags 45 ACP, 38 Super; Micromax 380. So we’ve traveled the world over looking for quality firearms that put a little different spin on ordinary. This model features matte blued metal finish and is chambered in 38 Super. Semi Automatic (5) Single Action (19) Single Shot (1) Llama . In go. 3 Apr 2020. LLAMA 9mm Semi-auto Black. Llama pistol is still produced today. Read more Jan 19, 2014 · I haven't fired my Llama Extra since the mid 70's. I own a Star model BM 9mm and a Llama Micromax 380 auto. 2 Pack Universal Magazine IWB Pouch Concealed Carry 9mm . llama 38 super 9mm